The truly revolutionary T32-SHIFT screen system leg makes it possible for JUST ONE person to easily adjust a mobile projection screen‘s height, without having to disassemble it first. Depending on the screen frame height and the desired set-up height, the T32-SHIFT leg can be assembled using four different lengths: 111“ (283cm), 90“ (228cm), 68“ (173cm), 46“ (118cm).

No extra measuring is needed to ensure the frame is level, due to a clearly marked height scale.

The T32-SHIFT can be combined with all mobile AV Stumpfl screen systems.

To adjust the screen height, one can start at the bottom of the scale and simply move the screen up to one‘s preferred position. The T32-SHIFT will lock automatically.To move the frame further down, one can just use the locking mechanism for releasing the frame.

It is now possible to assemble and adjust a complete mobile projection screen system in less than five minutes. Save time AND save money with premium quality components made in Austria.

1. Just ONE person needed for adjusting the screen height
2. No additional measuring needed
3. Compatible with all mobile AV Stumpfl screen systems
4. Complete assembly and adjustment of a projection screen system in less than five minutes

Transport lock

To allow a single person to lift and move the screen,
optional transport lock bolts can be attached.
In this case, turn the transport lock bolt against the T32-SHIFT leg.

Black & Natural

Available with differently anodized frame colors.

The T32-SHIFT legs can either be naturally anodized or with black color depending on the application’s requirements.