About AV Stumpfl

About AV Stumpfl

About AV Stumpfl

AV Stumpfl is an award-winning Austrian company that designs, manufactures and markets a range of high-performance mobile and installation projection screens and media server software for professional and business applications.

As a family business, its founders started the company out of a passion for the advancement of presentation and installation technologies.

The product range is warranted for 24/7 usage. AV Stumpfl is located in Wallern, Austria, and is supported by a global network of distribution and service partners.



Management Team

Tobias Stumpfl (Managing Director)
Stefanie Niederwimmer (Executive Director Screens)
Harry Gladow (Executive Director Pixera)


AV Stumpfl Inc (Atlanta, GA, USA)
AV Stumpfl CIS (Moscow, Russia)



Our development team is constantly focusing on engineering new solutions to ease daily life of our professional clients on live shows and AV installations worldwide. In 2015 we have invested more than EUR 7.2 Mio. into the construction of a new competence center dedicated to R&D of new software, hardware and mechanical solutions.


Producing premium quality components for live shows and AV installations require other facilities: We are creating and optimizing the perfect manufacturing environment which enables us to maintain and even improve our high quality standards. Especially engineered production tools and our also self-engineered special climatization solution are just examples.