Custom Design Projection   Screens

Any Size. Any Aspect Ratio. Any Radius. Any Border. Anywhere.

Whatever your projection screen requirements are we are eager to work hard developing and manufacturing a perfect solution. No standard standardized.

What is a Custom Design Projection Screen?

Are you looking for a projection screen that has to meet some special requirements? Do you want a screen which has enormous dimensions, a curved shape, an extra wide border (or no border) and special mounting options? This is what we call a custom design projection screen and this is what we do every day. During the past 40 years of projection screen manufacturing we gathered quite a lot of experience in terms of what is technically possible and what should be done in a different way. Our custom design projection screens are used in a variety of applications such as:



Where custom design projection screens go.





Why AV Stumpfl?

Designed and manufactured in Austria. Lowest total cost of ownership. Best service and support.

Developing and manufacturing has always been our passion that drives us so why not offering our technical expertise to the public? Creating something odd is a challenge which we like. We have a lot of possibilities in terms of producing custom design projection screens. Please see the solutions and options below to get inspired. Our experienced product specialist team would be happy to assist if you have any projects with special requirements to discuss!





Vario Curve

Let the projection surround you.

Are you looking for something irregular? Our award winning mobile projection screens can be curved to most any radius. The lightweight design derives from our mobile projection screen products which are in use at the world’s leading rental and staging companies. Vario Curve features the same slim design and easy no tools setup with our unequaled quality. Change your way of projecting.

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Fullwhite Curve

Just a (curved) picture floating in space

You are already familiar with curved projection screens but you’re looking for a more architecture-compatible solution which completely hides all technology? Fullwhite Curve is a custom made projection screen for design-demanding applications.

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Surface with Eyelets

Professional Projection Surfaces for professional structures. Large.

Do you want to attach a projection screen surface to an existing truss structure? We do have a quick, safe and cost efficient solution. We do have flame retardant materials to meet strict requirements and a unique welding process that generates virtually no seams which enables us to create really large seamless surfaces.


Ultra mobile use.

Which ways do you know to bring the projector into the proper position in front of the projection screen? Now there is definitely a new way to do so: A mounting solution to directly attach the projector to the projection screen. Desertscreen is a development based on our Monoblox®64 product featuring the same high precision automatic snap joints and is available in various standard sizes but we are happy to manufacture a Desertscreen with your custom dimensions as well. One or multiple projector mounts can be attached directly to the projection screen which eliminates the need for a dedicated projector stand.

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Technical Possibilities


Have you ever needed a projection screen which consists of multiple single panels that are seamlessly connected? Or do you need a projection screen with an extra wide border? Do you want to hang your projection screen on a special rig? Do you want to make a projection cube? These are just some examples of requests we would have an answer for. Just let us know your thoughts.