The modular solution for stage backdrops and trade show booths

Do you want to replace wooden and painted constructions? Inviframe is a robust construction system to build spectacular trade show booths and stage backdrops. All components are modular and can be reused again and again.

Proven technology

Inviframe is based on our unique Fullwhite® system. This projection screen is well known all over the world for its unique shape, robust design and precision manufacturing. This technology has proved for many years that even large panels can be realized.

Solid basic profile

The uniquely shaped Inviframe basic profile is made of high precision extruded aluminum alloy. Our unique manufacturing process ensures maximum precision and minimum tolerances.

Clamp connection

The robust profile connection

Thanks to our special expansion clamp connectors the profile elements can be connected free of any play. These connectors have originally been developed for our Fullwhite® screens to combine highest precision with lowest possible weight.


Inviframe systems come standard with velcro tape for easily mounting different types of cloth or (printed) surface materials.

Please note:
We deliver Inviframe systems without any surface materials, since we recommend printing those on site. We are more than happy however to share more in-depth information with you regarding the best ways to prepare surface materials so that they can be successfully used as part of the Inviframe system.

Mounting options

Basic Mounting

Individually slidable T-nut M8 which slide into a channel on the frame’s rear side. These T-nuts serve as base mounting for the different fittings described below.

Wall mounting

Keyhole plate for wall mounting - can be used in horizontal or vertical position.


Mounting bracket with eyelet dedicated for projection screen suspension. These brackets are used for flying screen applications.

Mounting point with M8 threaded inserts for use with legs for example.

Joining the panels

Arbitrary connections possible

Multiple Inviframe panels can be connected to create three-dimensional structures.
Following options are available:






Exhibition booth

Inviframe components are used to build small and large trade show structures and all components can be reused.

Stage backdrop

Inviframe is also suitable to mix projection surfaces and printed elements.

Made to measure

We are manufacturing Inviframe structures with custom formats and dimensions. Even the profile parts can be produced in custom lengths. Short parts have the advantage that packing dimensions are small whereas long parts ensure quick assembly. Please contact our team to discuss the different options for your projects.