Depending on the screen frame height and the desired set-up height,  
the AT64-SHIFT leg can be assembled using eight different lengths:
217“ (550cm), 196“ (500cm), 175“ (444cm), 154“ (390cm), 133“ (338cm), 
112“ (284cm), 91“ (230cm), 70“ (180cm).

Larger projection screens can be assembled and screen surfaces can be attached with the system being in a horizontal position.

The screen system can be moved to a vertical position,
with the screen frame on the lowest leg level.

The screen system‘s height can now be adjusted by
simply lifting the frame.

Legs do not protrude beyond the screen frame
borders. Different sizes possible.

Black & Natural

Available with differently anodized frame colors.

The AT64-SHIFT legs can either be naturally anodized or with black color depending on the application’s requirements.


Two locking mechanisms protect
against accidental sliding.


The locking mechanism is flexible
and slides up and down next to the fixed leg-support.

AT64-SHIFT Setup