Digital Signage

What is it?

Digital Signage is a widely used term these days were virtually every display showing an image video or advertisement is called a Digital Signage system. In fact a clever Digital Signage solution can also be something nice and something spectacular. Check out our ideas below.
For better explanations please have a look at the following sample applications where our products and solutions were used:

Digital Signage on the "Linzerin"

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Digital Signage on the "Linzerin"

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Allianz Arena Kiosk

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Allianz Arena Kiosk

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Mercury Tower

World's first digital Signage Record in Russian Book of Records

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Mercury Tower

World's first digital Signage Record in Russian Book of Records

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What Products are used in Digital Signage applications?

Media Servers

Robust. Stable. Powerful. Live. Installed.

A number of different applications ranging from live shows and events to interactive and themed attractions use Media Servers. These devices can do more than just playing back media: They are used for content production and show design, interactive live presentations and control of a variety of different devices and systems. Thanks to our unique Wings Vioso automatic camera based calibration system setting up multi projector arrangements has never been easier.

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Non-destructive content editing and production beyond 4K and 8K quality. Fast and easy to use!

You know how challenging it is to create high resolution, high frame rate content which can be played back without compression artifacts? Wings Vioso offers all required tools for arranging media like video, images, audio and show control into stunning shows.

This functionality is a built in feature of our Software Wings Vioso. Learn more about Wings Vioso’s production capabilities

Multi Display

Merge together any number of projectors or any number of displays.

If larger display dimensions or higher resolutions are necessary Wings Vioso allows merging together as many projectors and/or displays as required. Multiple outputs of the server hardware can be used and multiple servers can be connected to create powerful media clusters.

This functionality is a built in feature of our Software Wings Vioso.Learn more about our software Wings Vioso

RSS Feed Integration

Internet contents such as news feeds can easily integrated into Wings Vioso projects e.g. to show latest news on interactive display walls.

This functionality is a built in feature of our Software Wings Vioso. Learn more about our software Wings Vioso

Interactive live presentation. Simplified.

Have you ever wished to create an interactive social media wall which automatically updates its contents and messages can be wiped around by gestures of the visitors? It’s easy and straight forward to do such things with Wings Vioso.

This functionality is a built in feature of our Software Wings Vioso. Learn more about our software Wings Vioso

Fixed Frame Projection Screens

Stylish and sleek design. High precision. Quick and safe installation. Long Lifetime.

Fixed frame projection screens have similar roots like mobile projection screens from a technological perspective: High precision extruded aluminum frames create the basic structure which holds the projection surface. Fixed frame projection screens are optimized for optical appearance and quick and safe permanent installation and depending on the application the client may choose between a variety of different surface materials.

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Custom Projection Screens

Any Size. Any Aspect Ratio. Any Radius. Any Border. Anywhere.

Are you looking for a projection screen that has to meet some special requirements? Do you want a screen which has enormous dimensions, a curved shape, an extra wide border (or no border) and special mounting options? This is what we call a custom design projection screen and this is what we do every day. During the past 40 years of projection screen manufacturing we gathered quite a lot of experience in terms of what is technically possible and what should be done in a different way.

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Playback. Network. Touch Control. Digital Signage.

Have you ever been looking for a display located in the reception of a corporate building or hotel personally welcoming the guests? Wouldn’t it be convenient if the guest names, company logos and meeting dates are automatically retrieved from a central Microsoft Outlook/Exchange calendar? This is just an example of what can be made with Iseo however there are a lot of other possibilities such control logic dependent Digital Signage, User Interface creation and many more.

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Projectors and Displays

Premium quality third party products.

We have close relationships to the leading manufacturers for digital projectors and displays and our experienced team can give advice for choosing the right devices for your application.

Learn more about our projectors & displays product line up

FHD Player

Solid state media playback.

Have you ever dreamed of a tiny solid box which can seamlessly loop media contents stored on a SD card or USB storage? We have already developed this cost effective solution for digital signage projects, museums and other themed attractions. FHD Players can be synchronized via Ethernet, externally controlled and for example trigger media based on GPS input coordinates.

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