Corporate Installations and Hotels

What is it?

No need to explain what a hotel is but what about a corporate installation in general? Corporate installations are ranging from meeting and conference rooms, cinemas to digital signage displays to welcome customers, visitors and partners.

For better explanations please have a look at the following sample applications where our products and solutions were used:

Digital Signage on the "Linzerin"

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Hotel Wallern

Media and building services engineering

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What Products are used in corporate installations?

Roll Up Projection Screens

High precision. Noiseless . Quick and safe Installation. Long Lifetime. Ultra flat case dimension.

Most people nowadays are familiar with roll up projection screens since these display solutions are installed in quite a few places: What we call a roll up screen is a projection screen which is permanently installed but the projection surface can automatically hide in a case when it is not needed. Roll Up projection screens are usually mounted on or within the ceiling construction or on the wall and there are three main drives available: Electric motors, crank drives or spring roller drive.

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Fixed Frame Projection Screens

Stylish and sleek design. High precision. Quick and safe installation. Long Lifetime.

Fixed frame projection screens have similar roots like mobile projection screens from a technological perspective: High precision extruded aluminum frames create the basic structure which holds the projection surface. Fixed frame projection screens are optimized for optical appearance and quick and safe permanent installation and depending on the application the client may choose between a variety of different surface materials.

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Wings Avio

Control. Interface. Logic. Script. Data. Distribution.

Everybody involved in modern AV installations and projects knows about the challenges of having numerous devices from numerous different manufacturers all speaking different control protocols… Haven’t you ever dreamed about a single communication and abstraction layer for the entire AV system network? We know about the challenges and have invented the most technologically advanced (A)udio (V)ideo (I)nput (O)utput system. Avio is a clean sheet design which covers all aspects of a modern AV installation.

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Wings Touch

User Interface. Touch. Design.

Have you ever thought about creating your own custom user interfaces for your customer’s themed attraction, museum or conference room? Wings Touch is a WYSIWYG Drag & Drop Editor allowing easy creation of user interfaces which can be intuitively connected to all other software and hardware systems from AV Stumpfl and third party manufacturers thanks to our smart Avio Control Network.

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Playback. Network. Touch Control. Digital Signage.

Have you ever been looking for a display located in the reception of a corporate building or hotel personally welcoming the guests? Wouldn’t it be convenient if the guest names, company logos and meeting dates are automatically retrieved from a central Microsoft Outlook/Exchange calendar? This is just an example of what can be made with Iseo however there are a lot of other possibilities such control logic dependent Digital Signage, User Interface creation and many more.

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Why AV Stumpfl?

Designed and manufactured in Austria. 40 years of experience.
Best service and support.

Developing and manufacturing has always been our passion that drives us so why not offering our technical expertise to the public? Creating something unique is a challenge which we like. In addition to a lot of standard out-of-the-box solutions we have a huge toolkit for creating special solutions. Our experienced product specialist team would be happy to assist if you have any projects coming up.

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Are you looking to find the best solution for your requirements? Do not hesitate to contact our product specialist team to discuss your projects. Our product line up is wide and our field experience huge. We are ready to help you finding the optimum solution.

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