Digital Signage

What is it?

Digital Signage is a widely used term these days were virtually every display showing an image video or advertisement is called a Digital Signage system. In fact a clever Digital Signage solution can also be something nice and something spectacular. Check out our ideas below.
For better explanations please have a look at the following sample applications where our products and solutions were used:

Digital Signage on the "Linzerin"

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Allianz Arena Kiosk

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Mercury Tower

World's first digital Signage Record in Russian Book of Records

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What Products are used in Digital Signage applications?


Playback. Network. Touch Control. Digital Signage.

Have you ever been looking for a display located in the reception of a corporate building or hotel personally welcoming the guests? Wouldn’t it be convenient if the guest names, company logos and meeting dates are automatically retrieved from a central Microsoft Outlook/Exchange calendar? This is just an example of what can be made with Iseo however there are a lot of other possibilities such control logic dependent Digital Signage, User Interface creation and many more.

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FHD Player


你是否曾经想象过一个小小的盒子可以用来无缝的观看存储在SD卡或者U盘上的媒体素材。我们已经开发出了这种高效的解决方案提供给数字招牌项目,博物馆和其他主题游乐园。FHD Player 可以通过网络或者外接控制器来实现同步。举个例子,视频可以通过GPS的坐标信号来触发。

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