Fullwhite Curve


你已经了解了一些弧幕,但是如果你想要一个更加完美的解决方案,除了图像,你不会看到任何其他结构。Fullwhite Curve就是一种定制化的投影幕布,为了哪些追求极致效果的应用。



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Smart details

Fullwhite Curve brings together the best of two different worlds: While the basic frame profile derives from our Fullwhite screens the frame connection is based on the connections of our Curve screens. Additional wedge clamps ensure a gap-free alignment of the profile parts.


取决于客户的需求,我们为Fullwhite Curve提供多种幕布可选,从完美的正投幕布到3D投影和夜视。

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Made to measure

We are manufacturing Fullwhite Curve projection screens with custom formats and bending radiuses. Please contact our team to discuss the different options for your projects.

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The Fullwhite® Curve screen won 2016 AV Technology Best of Show by Newbay Media. Expert award judges said: “Finally a custom curved screen option that is architecturally pleasing. Sleek framing stays hidden behind the edgeless screen material.


Vario Curve

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