We at AV Stumpfl recognise our responsibility to improve the ways in which we can protect the environment and minimise waste,
which is why we are constantly reviewing and evaluating our operations. 

Some aspects of our environmental policy include:

  • Product longevity as a major part of our sustainability strategy. 
    Our premium quality approach allows for long product life cycles, which reduces emissions compared to 
    low-quality products that have to be replaced more often. A significant number of our screen customers have been using
    the same screen frame for more then two decades!
  • We are actively engaged in researching organic and compostable screen surface materials.
  • The plastic omponents of our screens flight-cases can be recycled 100%
  • The electricity used for our manufacturing floor is 100% eco-certified. 
    To become even more autonomous in terms of our energy management and consumption, we installed a large photovoltaics
    system at our HQ in 2022 and built an officially listed electric car charging station next to our main entrance.
  • It has been clearly communicated internally that all future product development activities have to take into account
    the environmental impact of the production, distribution, operation and end of life management.
  • We support products for many years, in case of our projection screen frames even for decades and offer a wide range of related repair services
  • Our internal company vision (2023) underlines the importance of our sustainability goals on all levels.