Museums and Science Centers

What are we talking about?

Interactive learning and studying is of highest importance these days where everyone is used to a high level of multimedia entertainment.
For better explanations please have a look at the following sample applications where our products and solutions were used:

FC Bayern Erlebniswelt

Allianz Arena Munich

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FC Bayern Erlebniswelt

Allianz Arena Munich

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Monastery of Montserrat

Multimedia exhibition design

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Monastery of Montserrat

Multimedia exhibition design

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What Products are used in Museums and Science Centers?

Wings Avio

Wings Avio connects just everything.

Everybody involved in modern AV installations and projects knows about the challenges of having numerous devices from numerous different manufacturers all speaking different control protocols… Haven’t you ever dreamed about a single communication and abstraction layer for the entire AV system network?
We know about the challenges and have invented the most technologically advanced (A)udio (V)ideo (I)nput (O)utput system. Avio is a clean sheet design which covers all aspects of a modern AV installation.

To learn more what systems can be part of Avio networks and what they do in detail please check out the product categories below:

Automatic Projector Setup

Automatic camera based calibration.

Have you ever aligned multiple projectors with softedge blending and geometry correction? Have you thought about how cool it would be if the media server could automatically warp and blend the projectors using a camera? This has become reality already.

This functionality is a built in feature of our Software Wings Vioso and comes with our Media Servers. Learn more about our automatic camera based calibration

Media Servers

Robust. Stable. Powerful. Live. Installed.

A number of different applications ranging from live shows and events to interactive and themed attractions use Media Servers. These devices can do more than just playing back media: They are used for content production and show design, interactive live presentations and control of a variety of different devices and systems. Thanks to our unique Wings Vioso automatic camera based calibration system setting up multi projector arrangements has never been easier.

Learn more about our Media Servers


Media Production. Media Playback. Touch Control. Digital Signage. 3D Mapping. Show Control.

Our software engineers are working hard in researching, developing and improving our software packages which drive our integrated systems for live shows, themed attractions and museums. The AV Stumpfl software is packed with technology ranging from Media Server operating systems, media production and presentation software to control logic, touchpanel control software to Digital Signage solutions.

More information about our Software Solutions

Custom Projection Screens

Any Size. Any Aspect Ratio. Any Radius. Any Border. Anywhere.

Are you looking for a projection screen that has to meet some special requirements? Do you want a screen which has enormous dimensions, a curved shape, an extra wide border (or no border) and special mounting options? This is what we call a custom design projection screen and this is what we do every day. During the past 40 years of projection screen manufacturing we gathered quite a lot of experience in terms of what is technically possible and what should be done in a different way.

More information about our Custom Projection Screens

Projectors and Displays

Premium quality third party products.

We have close relationships to the leading manufacturers for digital projectors and displays and our experienced team can give advice for choosing the right devices for your application.

Learn more about our projectors & displays product line up

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Are you looking to find the best solution for your requirements? Do not hesitate to contact our product specialist team to discuss your projects. Our product line up is wide and our field experience huge. We are ready to help you finding the optimum solution.

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