4 Elements

Multimedia Show with 360º Video Mapping

4 Elements is an immersive multimedia show that leads the spectator along a route that crosses the entire Citadel of Cascais, including a 360º projection area. Taking the 4 Elements as a starting point, the facades of the buildings become the stage of virtual dancers that humanize them by interacting with the architecture.

Technical setup: 360º projection using 8 beamers + 5 Wings Engine Media Servers with Wings Vioso and multichannel audio 8.0. Plus 4 individual projections each with 1 beamer + 1 Wings Engine Media Server with Wings Vioso and Stereo Sound. Light installations with hundreds of LEDs + rotative heads all DMX controlled.

Artistic direction and video mapping:  Nuno Maya (www.ocubo.com)

Light design: Kari Kola (www.valoparta.com)

Sound composition: Sylvain Moreau (www.sylvainmoreau.com)