VarioClip Duplex Screen

Have you ever thought of a projection screen which has a covered back side? On VarioClip Duplex projection screens it is possible to attach surfaces on both sides of the projection screen frame. Of course with the same features known from regular VarioClip projection screens.

Duplex Projection

When attaching two surfaces on both sides of the projection screen’s frame both sides can be used for (independent) projections. Typical applications are for example digital signage on airports, shopping centers, stadiums, hospitals etc. Wherever there is traffic flow in both directions.

Covered Rear Side

Instead of a second projection surface it is also possible to attach e.g. a printed advertising, a  company logo or just a black cloth on the rear side of the projection screen for a striking or simply cleaner appearance.

Perfect Appearance

For design and appearance requirements the frame components are optionally available with black anodization.


Suspension points are installed on the projection screens top for flying the screen.