Enhance your mobile projection screen

Did you ever fly a projection screen above the stage or do you want to professionalize the appearance of your projection screen with a Drape Kit? Do you wish to ease your life when attaching the legs to the frame or do you want to use the same screen in different aspect ratios? We will take care of all these wishes.

Easy Fly

Quick mounting. Suspension bolt with eyelet.

EasyFly has been developed especially for flying screen applications and features maximum flexibility. This adapter with eyelet for mobile projection screens can be attached quickly and easily anywhere on the projection screen frame. The eyebolt fixes the adapter to the profile, offering professional mounting possibilities. Available for profile sizes 32x32mm and 64x32mm. max. load 30 kg/60 lbs.

Set Up Support

How to attach the projection screen legs.

The new, optional, set up support allows for easy mounting of the legs. By means of the 4 round bar holders the wing screws can be bolted by one person only without holding the frame and leg in position manually.

Drape Kit

Traditional. Simple.

The optionally available Drape Kit turns your projection screen into a stage. Simple but effective.

Drape Runoff

This universal and transportable Drape System can be used as independent partition, to mark out control areas or to allow flexible room design. A few elements combined with the telescopic system suffice to accomplish a variety of decorative purposes – no tools required. The decoration material is attached by Velcro fasteners