publitec invests in MonoClip projection screens

Dortmund based publitec, internationally known as a rental and distribution partner for professional video equipment, recently updated and expanded its high-end projection screen portfolio with AV Stumpfl MonoClip systems.

© AV Stumpfl GmbH, publitec

© AV Stumpfl GmbH, publitec

© AV Stumpfl GmbH, publitec

© AV Stumpfl GmbH, publitec

© AV Stumpfl GmbH, publitec

In order to enable those customers, for whom using mobile projection screens for their project work is of particular importance, to have access to innovative and premium quality products, publitec recently expanded and updated their screen portfolio with more than 100 units of AV Stumpfl‘s acclaimed MonoClip system and additional Fullwhite systems.

The innovative MonoClip projection screen system, which is rapidly becoming more popular internationally, combines the best of two worlds.

It offers all the benefits of one of the most well known standard systems in the area of mobile projection screens, Monoblox®, but with the added advantage of a full clean profile without studs and press snaps.

MonoClip surfaces can be stretched easily and attached to the frame with the patented QuickClip hooks. This way of attaching screen surfaces simplifies the overall handling, cuts the set-up time and adds increased durability.

AV Stumpfl‘s global business development manager Jan Walter elaborates on the advantages of the MonoClip system: “If you are touring and have to assemble and disassemble projection screens regularly, you are bound to know some of the challenges that rapidly changing temperatures can entail. With MonoClip, the traction of the surface material is basically distributed more equally.“

publitec’s procurement specialist Tim Rothstein comments on some of the reasons for the substantial investment: “It’s extremely important for us to always have an adequate amount of high quality systems in stock, so that we can react to the market demand at any point in time. MonoClip​​​​​​​ is not just a great concept, but has proven itself on the road, which is why more and more of our customers ask for it.”

Due to the fact that MonoClip​​​​​​​ screens bear a striking resemblance to the widely adopted Monoblox​​​​​​​ systems, these two systems can be employed next to each other, without visually affecting a complex presentation or stage environment.

“Time and time again, publitec gives us essential feedback, which enables us to align our product ideas with the real on-the-job requirements of our industry. It is this kind of constructive relationship that has made products like MonoClip such a great success internationally,” concludes AV Stumpfl’s global marketing advisor Hans Christian Stucken.

Pictures courtesy of: AV Stumpfl GmbH, publitec


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Jan Walter, AV Stumpfl global business development manager screens
Tim Rothstein, publitec procurement specialist
Hans Christian Stucken, AV Stumpfl global marketing advisor