loop light invests in PIXERA

The internationally acclaimed media server specialists loop light invest in AV Stumpfl's PIXERA system.

Matt Finke and his loop light team are known for their groundbreaking concepts and for delivering innovative show designs as well as cutting edge fixed installations. Recently, the German company invested in six PIXERA Octo Uncompressed Player licenses, due to the increased demand for reliable playout solutions that can handle ultra high resolutions and uncompressed video content.

PIXERA has been used by loop light on a number of high profile projects since then, together with AV Stumpfl RAW servers. The multi award winning PIXERA system performed very well, especially with regards to reliably synchronising uncompressed content across multiple media servers.

loop light media server expert Christopher "Fletch" Fluegel shares his impressions from working with the new PIXERA version 1.2: "The performance during the programming and rehearsal stage was remarkable. One often has to scrub through film clips, jump to different positions and to generally be able to react to the director's input in a flexible way. PIXERA handles all of these requirements really well and without any jitters, keeping in mind that the system is handling vast amounts of data when processing uncompressed video content."

International tech expert Fluegel found some of the brand new PIXERA 1.2 features particularly helpful: "The live preview editing function allows me to make instant changes to a running show, without having to disturb the rehearsal process in any way. In addition to this, "blend to time" and "blend to cue" are a lifesaver when dealing with sudden changes to the project schedule! Skipping cues has never been possible before in such a smooth and safe way."  

Website link: www.avstumpfl.com/PIXERA