AED Display bolsters PIXERA hardware investment with popular training courses

AED Display, the acclaimed Belgian AV solutions provider, recently provided its customers with highly popular training courses, after having invested heavily in AV Stumpfl's multi award winning PIXERA media server software and hardware earlier this year.

With more than 45 AV Stumpfl media servers as part of their rental stock, all of them updated to run the latest version of the PIXERA system, AED Display has become the world's largest provider of AV Stumpfl media server systems.

In addition to offering the new PIXERA servers as a rental product to their customers, AED Display have organised and successfully conducted multiple PIXERA training sessions in Belgium since ordering additional servers at this year's ISE exhibition in Amsterdam.

AED Display Managing Director Thierry Heldenbergh explains the importance of providing training sessions in addition to the hardware itself:
"Compared to other systems out there, PIXERA is still the new kid on the block. This has many advantages and also brings some challenges. The advantage is that we can be among the first companies worldwide to offer a new media server system that presents users with a groundbreaking new usability approach. The challenge is the knowledge transfer process. By empowering our customers, we create a win-win situation."

AED Display's media server rental stock includes PIXERA mini, PIXERA one, PIXERA two, and AV Stumpfl RAW servers for uncompressed playback.

 Product manager Dave Vos comments on the growing popularity the new system:
"It's not like there is no diversity in the media server market. So one could ask, why another new system? The reason why PIXERA is appealing to many users has to do with the unique user interface. The same mechanisms apply to multiple workflow scenarios. It's also a great feeling for our customers to be able to join a growing community of new users early on. They know their feedback will get to the manufacturer and that we can provide them with the necessary hardware for their projects."


The new AED training dates for PIXERA in Belgium and the Netherlands can be found here:


The attached photographs show Dave Vos, product manager, AED Display.


Photo credit: AED Group

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