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Our products utilize a lot of sophisticated technology. If you are looking for a specific feature or would like to learn what our products are capable of please see these examples below. What technologies are AV Stumpfl products capable of:

AI and Logic with Lua Scripting

Advanced control and logic programming.

Have you ever realized an intelligent attraction which is able to remember and share visitor names, use logical functions, run timelines and cue lists in parallel? You would like this to be easily programmable and intuitively managable? Our control network avio features an embedded scripting host with virtually unlimited functionality, realtime debugging, script creation wizards and step by step tutorials.

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Media Control

For themed attractions and conference rooms.

Media control systems visualize sophisticated technology to make it easily control and managable. The user interface can either be touchpanels or input panels and it is even possible to access the system via the internet using smartphones or tablets.

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Blinds and sun shades control via smartphone and tablet

Large windows and glass walls become more and more poular. To avoid thermal issues related to the greenhouse effect it is neccessary to block incoming sunlight with blinds. To control the large number of different blinds typically a lot of switches and or sophisticated remote controls are used. We have another solution.

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HD and 4K Ready Projection Screens

Are you wondering if AV Stumpfl projection screens are ready to reflect HD and 4K images properly? We have prepared some technical background information about this topic.

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Uncompressed 4K video playback

Video compression is one of the major challenges in media applications these days. Everyone knows compression artifacts such as color fringes or pixelated pictures. Uncompressed video content however brings some other challenges.

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KNX control using smartphones and tablets

Have you ever thought of a simple but reliable control system for your KNX installation which does not require a server/PC to run all time? This control system should also be able to control media devices? We have already engineered this sleek solid state solution.

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