Uncompressed 4K Video Playback

Premium quality video playback and media control for demanding applications.

The Challenge

Video compression is one of the major challenges in media applications these days. Everyone knows compression artifacts such as color fringes or pixelated pictures. The main reason why we find compression artifacts annoying in large scale projections or displays is that most of the compression algorithms were originally developed for small format displays like for smart phones or consumer TV displays.

The solution

Although there are compression algorithms (Codecs) available with better compression characteristics the only "real" solution is to avoid compression at all. In some high level projects it is also mandatory to use uncompressed contents only

The Products

We have a large media server product line up with different capabilities in terms of uncompressed content handling ranging between 2x HD up to 3x 4K or 1x 8K at 60fps out of a single server. One of the advantages of our servers is that they can be used in many ways: As simple playout machines or in sophisticated media clusters with a lot of options and features ranging from automatic softedge blending and warping to 3G-SDI live inputs and the integration of social media feeds and show control.

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