Warsaw's palace of culture

Dome projection

This year’s international collegiate programming contest (ICPC) was held in Warsaw, Poland on 15th of May 2012. The spectacular location was the Palace of Culture and Science. It was built under Stalin and is still the most significant landmark in Warsaw.

WIZJA was in charge of creating the multimedia concept for this event. The huge half dome that builds the ceiling was the impressive and demanding projection surface. Twelve Panasonic PT-DZ21KU projectors, (2 double stacked at one time) were run by AV Stumpfl Media Engines and aligned using Wings VIOSO’s built-in auto-setup. Soft edge blending and individual projector’s content handling was also handled that way. Using the extensive final warping capabilities finally made the result fit to the ceiling’s complex structure.

Thrilling and beautiful content – just like an exciting eye candy – was created by Piotr Szabliński, a well-known video artist in Poland in a resolution of 3000x3000 pixels. It was played back perfectly synchronously and smooth from the three Media Engines while running synchronized by MIDI timecode (MTC) along all other show device as there were  multichannel audio, DMX controlled moving head lights and a huge 4K stereoscopic projection on the stage.

Realized by: www.wizja.com | www.vioso.com