Walking with Dinosaurs

The Arena Spectacular just wrapped up the US tour with great reception.  The live show toured 24 American cities and was hailed by The Times, The Sun, and a mass of other reviewers as the best touring live family shows of the year.  The show utilizes some of the most advanced life sized dinosaur puppetry every created and they are not tethered to anything, they free roam.  AV Stumpfl Wings supports the shows elements with a large 3 screen blended projection in the background.  Utilizing dynamic masking, the screen actually opens up in the middle where the dinosaurs enter the arena, masking allows for the dinos entry without projecting onto them. 

A new custom ultra high definition video segment is the back drop for the flight of the Pteranodon in a beautiful piece showcasing the migration of the species across the globe.  The live tour packs up and heads home to Australia for a 7 city tour beginning in March.  The talented Wings operators are from Screenworks NEP, David Moss and Paul Tikalski.