Stiegl Estate Wildshut

Digital Signage Installation

In an age in which beers are starting to taste increasingly similar, the Salzburg brewery Stiegl, Austria’s largest and also its leading private brewery is successfully swimming against the current. Heinrich Dieter Kiener, one of the Managing Directors of Stiegl, backs the slogan "Delight in (beer) variety". According to Keiner, "Variety begins with the ingredients". Since recently there has also been a combination, unique worldwide, of a malthouse and a roasting plant at Wildshut. Kiener is convinced that, "Good investments bounce back." And success proves him right.

The chemical formula of malt sugar, C12 H22 O11, can be seen in oversized alphanumerical characters in front of a wall at the Stiegl malthouse in Wildshut. There is no reference to the renowned Austrian beer apart from the "Stiegl red" background to the malt sugar formula. 

Inside, the well-known 5-step red Stiegl logo has been installed as a display wall on the rear wall of a contemporary bar counter. The monitors are 46" Samsung LFD which are customized and masked to fit the logo. In stand-by mode the displays glow in the well-known Stiegl red. When the film starts a 2-part information film about the Stiegl malthouse runs with real-life pictures and 3D animations. The real-life film with 3D animations is shown on a screen which is 320 cm wide and 110 cm high. The film was shot using the cinema standard 5K (Red Epic). This means six times better quality (5120 x 2560 pixel) and higher resolution than HDTV.  

The trailer was edited using Wings Platinum and the respective display positions integrated perfectly into the show. The rendering of the AV installation was executed via 5 synchronized Stumpfl HD Player Pro units, which in turn were controlled centrally via an SC Master unit.

Project manager Stiegl: Alessandra Kiener
Artistic director Scenomedia: Johannes Coelsch
Image producer and director:  Andreas Scheucher
Scenography, video and 3D animation: Scenomedia OG
AV Technology: AV Stumpfl GmbH
Architecture: Christine Kapsreiter

Realized by: