Stiegl Brauwelt

Multimedia-based Brew Cinema

The new brew cinema at Stiegl Brauwelt features a panorama film in five languages with a floor projection on a surface of about 200 sqm. The visitors are able to enjoy an exceptional visual beer experience. The walk-in cinema which is designed as a multi-dimensional projection space offers an unrivalled and unique insight into the world of beer and its origins.

The idea behind the Stiegl Brew Cinema was to send the visitors on a trip to the origins of Stiegl beer and its production using high-resolution images. The visitor takes a dive into the world of beer and learns about the philosophy of the Stiegl brand in a multi-dimensional way, being provided with information on a highest documentation level, using the language of high-quality images and fascinating animations.

The main theme is projected onto a semi-circular 24 x 4-m wall using 4 projectors and resulting in a seamless wide screen image. The four full-HD Panasonic projectors produce soft edge blending with an overlap of 20 percent. The floor projection also consists of four images that overlap. 4x Hitachi CP-X1200 projectors with ultra short zoom lens USL-801 are in use to realize the floor projection.

In total for this purpose eight projectors with extreme wide angle lenses are used allowing projection onto the entire room. The live action movie with a total projection area of 180 degrees with 3-D animations was produced at cinema standard 5.5 K (Camera Red Epic). This achieved a quality (5120 x 2560 pixels) which is six times higher than that of HDTV in terms of resolution. Furthermore, a water wall was integrated which can be started and stopped manually and lit in RGB colors matching the film.

The whole installation has been realized with AV Stumpfl show control technolgy.

The entire installation is controlled centrally using AV Stumpfl WINGS TOUCH and AVIO and features automatic evaluation and display of the relevant status information, such as lamp hours and error messages.

Customer: Stieglbrauerei Salzburg GmbH |

Realised by: Scenomedia |