Stahlwille booth

Stahlwille booth

Based in Wuppertal, Germany, Stahlwille is one of the leading producers of high-quality tools for all kinds of screw applications. One of the company's core activities is controlled screw tightening and monitoring of tool inventories, as it is requested by the aerospace industry. For its stand at the 2014 Eisenwarenmesse - the International Hardware Fair in Cologne - the company was confronted with the task of emotionally communicating the interaction of hardware and service in a new communication concept.

AVttention of Marienheide, Germany, suggested solving the task by establishing interactive multimedia information points (POI). In 6 weeks only, the team led by Klaus Stange developed a comprehensive communication concept which incorporates 33 product presentations in two languages and visualizes the arguments using HD videos, pictures, text and graphs. Wings Vioso was used to create the complex navigation tree and to integrate the contents into a multi-timeline EXE presentation which was shown on modern touchscreen laptops mounted in attractive info columns. Avttention supplied the overall concept, the pictures and video recordings, graphic implementation, the programming and the fully operable hardware, all from a single source.

In the centre of the fair stand, a 5 metre video wall was the emotional highlight. In AVttention's own studio, the video was recorded with an overall resolution of 4098 x 2304 pixels and 5K 60P using their own RED EPIC camera and processing the recordings after grading with Wings 5. Here, the new RED R3D support feature offered by the current Vioso software proved immensly valuable.

Wings AV by AV Stumpfl also supports the RED-specific video card RED Rocket, thereby speeding up workflow dramatically. In fact, together with RED Rocket, Wings Vioso processes the high resolution material faster than any of the traditional HD Codecs. Three media servers then transferred the signals to a monitor wall consisting of 9 seamless LCD displays.    

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