St. Martin's spa

Multidisplay ceiling projection

Installation of a 4-projector multi-display ceiling projection in the new St. Martin’s Spa in the National Park Seewinkel, Burgenland, Austria.

A 1200 m² projection area shows high-resolution videos about the National Park Seewinkel. Various 10 minute videos are controlled via Iseo Touch. Moreover, the entire lighting technology – 4 x 32 pcs RGB LED wall washers and 4 x 8 pcs halogen floodlights are controlled using Wings Platinum 4 and Stumpfl’s SC Net DMX modules.  The media server is an AV Stumpfl Media Engine.

The ceiling projection was implemented using 4 x high resolution Hitachi projectors CP-X12000. The extremely short projection distance was solved using the unique Hitachi ultra wide angle lens VHP-USL-801(0.5-0.6:1).

Realised by: Scenomedia