Salitek booth

At its booth at the InfoComm 2009 in Orlando, Salitek put up a large wall consisting of seamless plasma displays. Salitek is the authorized US distributor for Orion plasma displays. These seamless plasma displays can be installed at a minimum distance of 3.5 mm from each other.
The wall, which was put up at the Salitek booth consisted of 40 seamless plasma displays, and was used for playing a presentation at full resolution of 8520*1920 px via AV Stumpfl Media Engines and Wings Platinum. The displays were arranged at a size of 10 x 4 m. Hardware and software for this presentation was provided by AV Stumpfl USA.

The native-resolution content was produced especially for the Salitek presentation by Video Visions & Partner. The Wings Platinum concept allowed last-minute alterations of the show, which were initiated directly by


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