Romon U Park

Indoor theme park with with 200000 m²

EMF developed, created and produced two 20 minute multimedia shows.
The music score for each show was individually composed and produced.
2 x 20 minutes Multimedia shows including Video Mapping, Laser beam and Laser graphic effects, Digital Water Screen, fire bursts, lights, fog, music and sound effects.  The shows are projected onto the 30m x 30m pyramid surface and onto the pyramid stage with laser, video and water projection. Using the wall behind the pyramid as a backdrop (80 x 20m) with video and light projection creates a huge imagery which is visible throughout the entire venue.

The Show themes are:


Source of Light:

It is about the two Romon Panda Bears Romon and Romie and an adventure they have.
The two Panda Bears discover a magical ball inside the Romon park Pyramid. This magical ball is the “Source of all Lights” and takes the two bears on a journey to different worlds: Aqua World, Lava World, Fanatsy world and finally back to Romon Park. The different worlds are experience by the audience by combination of the multimedia elements. (Pics) 

Zheng He is coming:

This is the story of ZhengHe, the Chinese "Columbus". ZhengHe travelled with some 300 ships, already in the early 15th century throughout many regions of the world.
We basically tell his tale with imagery music and many effects. (Pics).
For each of the 20 minute shows EMF produced individually composed music scores (Selcuk Torun) with multi track sound effects. Due to the individual composition the intensity of the shows is maximized and truly a unique experience.     



9x Barco video projectors projecting onto the 30x30m Pyramid, the 20m wide pyramid stage screen and the back wall. (For the back wall 4x 26000 Ansi Lumen Barco projectors in stack; 2x2)
8 channel high-end Video servers. 2 x AV Stumpfl Wings Engine each with 4 channels
12 full colour Laser projectors.
20 Flame Bursts, 5m high flames.
18m wide Digital Water screen.
20m wide back projection screen on Stage.
Full remote operation with AV Stumpfl TOUCH control.