Manor department store

Facade projection

Basle has never seen anything like it! From December 1st until December 24th the creative minds of the Janus advertising agency are projecting high quality content and interactive components onto 51 3x2 metre displays on the façade of Manor department store in the Greifengasse (pedestrian precinct) in Basle.

Europe’s largest interactive video wall, approx. 300 sq.m. in size, has thus become a game board for  passers-by. Images and texts are projected into the façade creatively via internet or via SMS/MMS.  

The project is being implemented using, amongst other things, two AV Stumpfl media engines, which have been fitted with four full HD inputs and outputs for real time projection of the live content for this project, thus ensuring the smooth projection of the SMD display as a whole.

Various HDMI matrices, remote head cameras, sensors and microphones as well as an innovative Remote Show Control element, which communicates via ISEO, are all part of the project equipment. An additional  SMS/MMS to screen application by FireText converted by JANUS for this project ensures that passers-by are able to admire their mobile greetings “just in time” on the façade. The team experienced an emotional moment when a marriage proposal projected onto the façade on December 8th for a couple from Basle was accepted.  

Realized by: Werbemanufaktur Janus