Canon perspective

360° projection

The visitors to the Canon Perspective at the Gasometer in Vienna find themselves surrounded by a circular screen. 8 Canon WUX4000 projectors project onto a 220m² projection surface. Each visitor feels that he or she is part of this event, part of Canon’s world.

As a truss construction a brilliant white 360° screen which is 56m long and has a radius of 18m is already an impressive installation. With a display projected by high-quality Canon projectors and brilliant contents what is seen becomes a unique experience.

You are immersed in wonderful urban and rural panoramas seen from new perspectives, e.g. St. Stephen’s Cathedral filmed by Helmut Mitter. The highlight of the event is, however, the interaction between a "mysterious visitor" on the LED cylinder in the centre of the room and the people on the screen.  He asks technical questions on behalf of the visitors and these questions are answered in detail by virtual employees.

With the high quality content from Canon Füss AV programmed the exciting Wings Platinum show. Together with engineers from AV Stumpfl, these complex large-scale projections were perfectly warped and installed using 4 Media Engines in order to meet the both high demands of the public and of Canon’s products.
In order to enable an installation of this standard, everything has to come, if possible, from a single source. As a partner of AV Stumpfl, Füss AV assumed this task and AV Stumpfl assisted Karl Füsselberger with the 360° screen, servers, software and the technical know-how. Smooth communications also benefitted from the long-standing partnership between Füss AV, AV Stumpfl and Canon for which this event was a particular highlight.

Information, new perspectives and an experience in an atmosphere which is unique for the visitors are sure to remain in the memories of many for a long time.

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