Buntes Gold

Multimedia Facade Climbers

“Urbanscreen” is a group of projection artists drawing attention world wide through their projection on famous buildings, such as the Opera House in Sydney, the historic facade of the University of Houston and the Leopold Museum in Vienna.

After a period of six years this group returned to their home town Bremen in order to realise a projection on the facade of the Haus Schütting on the market square. For three days, from November 15 - 17, they turned the house into a colorful installation called “Buntes Gold”.

In an unique way, Urbanscreen also embraced the architecture of the building both in terms of graphics and contents.


To make the façade perfectly fit into their scenery, the people from Urbanscreen have once more utilized the battletested Wings Engines together with the reliable Wings AV and its intuitive warping features to accomplish this. The easy to use concept of Wings AV, in combination with the feature of aligning multiple projectors via warping and softedge, allows to create a seamless canvas setup within a very short time frame.

This spectacle was accompanied by impulsive music and a lot of fascinated people fully drawn into the event. Eight projectors were used, projecting onto four projector fields.

Realised by: www.urbanscreen.com