Compact. Lightweight. Protected.

How will you stock mobile projection screens in your warehouse, how will it be transported to the venue and where will the packing materials go? We have carefully thought about this which is why we can come up with the perfect solutions for stocking and transport.

Soft Bag with Wheels

Standard Delivery. Lightweight Design.

All mobile projection screens ship with a dedicated roller bag which is lined with protective foam and has a hard bottom. Smooth-running rubber wheels ensure ease of transport wherever you take your mobile projection screen.

Softbag with wheels small: size 128 cm x 25 cm, height 30 cm
Softbag with wheels big: size 133 cm x 31 cm, height 35 cm


Robust Design for daily Life on Stage.

The stockable and sturdy flight cases with integrated rollers are available in two sizes. The woven strap with a buckle belt, well known from the aircraft industry, ensures maximum safety and stability.

Transport case small: size 123 x 38 cm, height 34 cm
Transport case large: size 134 x 38 cm, height 37 cm


Robust. Inspired by the Aviation Industry.

Strong woven belts keep the case’s top cover in place. Inspired from the aviation industry we have applied a buckle to ensure simple and safe operation.

Surface Bag

Perfect Protection for the Perfect Surface.

The surface is shipped folded in special foam lined sheats which can be opened quick and easy using a zip fastener. The surface sheats feature a pocket for the type label, surface dimensions and the projection screen assembly guide.