Set Up

Intuitive. Simple. Safe.

Setting up a Vario Curve projection screen is as simple as it sounds
even for low utilization users.

The upper and lower horizontal frame elements are put together according to the numbering and pin connections fastened.

The vertical frame elements are unfolded, assembled with the lower horizontal frame part and fastened.

The screwed pin-connection guarantees easy, fast assembly and fixation of the frame elements. 

Additional middle struts ensure maximum frame stability. The middle strut gets unfolded and fixed on the lower horizontal frame part.

The upper frame part is attached on the top end of the vertical frame elements and fastened.

The projection surface gets unfolded, hooked immediately onto the upper frame part and gently moved till the opposite corner.

Subsequently the special hooks are attached on the lateral sides. To attach the hooks to the lower frame part easily, it is recommended to set up the Vario Curve on T-Legs, or at least to raise the Vario Curve a bit with squared timbers.