Powerhouse Brings AV Stumpfl’s Vario64 to Hilton Grand Master Suite

Austrian AV Technology manufacturer AV Stumpfl has supported 10-year business partner, Powerhouse, in creating all-out conference events in the Hilton Grand Master Suite, Malta.

© Powerhouse Ltd.

© Powerhouse Ltd.

© Powerhouse Ltd.

Powerhouse, a Malta-based integrator specialising in lighting, sound, projection and custom-built staging, began working with AV Stumpfl in 2009. For the past year, Powerhouse has been using Vario64 projector screens throughout its projects and recommending them to clients. Currently, Powerhouse has seven different Vario64 screens in total, including: an 8.3m x 3.7m model, a 12m x 4m model, and a 5.2m x 2.8m model.

“What is unique about the Vario series is its robust and durable frame and surface, without compromising on ease of set up or mobility,” said Justin Portelli, Powerhouse’s Operations Manager. “It’s a design that has considered not only the visual aspects of projection screens, but also the practical build aspect. It takes half the time and workforce to set up compared to what we used previously.”

When AV Stumpfl entered the rental and staging market over 40 years ago, its Vario series was the product that built the Austrian manufacturer’s renowned reputation. The distinguished series boasts a frame of modular multi-element aluminium alloy, specially hardened and extruded, making a product that virtually lasts forever.

The surfaces, designed to suit either front, rear, dual or 3D projection requirements, are made to be flexible to the needs of the consumer, whether that be requiring a black matte screen or a seamless finish. With reinforced multifunction corner hinges and 90-degree quick-locking mechanisms, it is a design that considers every step of the projection screen process: from mobile transportation, to quick set up, to visual excellence.

The Vario64 and 32 versions, named after their aluminium profile dimensions, are the most popular models for robust projection screens. However, the Vario64 is designed to support variable aspect ratios when using different plug in modules, which came in useful for the multipurpose use of the screens at medical device manufacturer LivaNova’s conference event at the Hilton Grand Master Suite, Malta.

“During the conference and presentation, the guests were divided and seated at an angle to view one of the three screens,” Portelli explained. “The quality of the screen meant that each of the 250 guests could view the presentation and follow-up video perfectly.”

The screens were then used to support the James Bond-themed night, which included playing the films and projecting the James Bond logo.

“The quality of the Powerhouse staff, along with the quality of the equipment and image throughout the six-day event was outstanding,” said Phil Whetter, director of Some Bright Spark. “The whole thing ran smoothly.”

As well as this event, over the last year Powerhouse have ran six other successful events utilising the Vario64 and its adaptable, robust design. “At Powerhouse, we pride ourselves on delivering the best to our customers, and AV Stumpfl’s Vario64​​​​​​​ allowed us to provide high quality, cost effective, and durable projector screens to our clients,” Mark Vella, Powerhouse​​​​​​​’s director, commented. “We are proud to work with a high-quality manufacturer like AV Stumpfl and look forward to doing so again.”