Long Night of Science at AV Stumpfl: A Triumph of Technology and Teamwork

The Long Night of Science at AV Stumpfl exceeded all expectations. Over 500 curious visitors flocked to the production halls of the family-owned company, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year.

The AV Stumpfl team at the Long Night of Science. / Credits © AV Stumpfl

Our team players led through the stations. / Credits © AV Stumpfl

The Memory interactive station was a big hit. / Credits © AV Stumpfl

Even Abg. z. NR KommR Laurenz Pöttinger and WKO-Obmann Ing. Günther Baschinger were able to dive into virtual film production. / Credits © AV Stumpfl

The tour also included the production of projection screens. / Credits © AV Stumpfl

From the beginning of the tour, it was clear that teamwork is a top priority at AV Stumpfl. The employees, who consider themselves team players, guided the visitors through various stations, providing exciting insights into the world of high-tech image projection and media technology.

One of the most fascinating stations was "WINGS X: Telling Stories with Images." Here, participants learned how international adventure photographers and filmmakers create their impressive multimedia shows. The interactive station was particularly engaging, where guests could play Memory using the PIXERA software and admire impressive reference projects that showcased the capabilities of the PIXERA hardware and software.

A special highlight was the tour of the projection screen production halls. These screens can be up to 40 meters high and made in all imaginable shapes. The manual production of roll-up screens also offered fascinating insights, as each screen is handmade, a testament to the high craftsmanship and precision at AV Stumpfl.

The company’s projection museum provided a journey through the history of image projection, leaving all visitors in awe. The station "PIXERA: Innovative Recording Techniques for Film and Television" demonstrated the advanced world of virtual film production and captivated the audience with state-of-the-art technology.

The Long Night of Science at AV Stumpfl was not only an impressive display of technological developments but also an experience that made the company’s enthusiasm and commitment palpable. The visitors were thrilled and praised the informative and captivating stations. An unforgettable experience for all involved, showcasing the innovation and strong team spirit of AV Stumpfl.