PIXERA lets pixels party at Caesars Palace

BC Video Services supported the New Years Eve party at the famed Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas by using PIXERA media server technology.

© BC Video Services

© BC Video Services

© Sean Galloway

The Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is famous for offering its customers world class entertainment and unforgettable moments. Hosting one of the largest New Years Eve parties in the whole of Las Vegas is therefore anything but a standard affair, the goal being to creatively outdo last year’s party each time anew.

Julie Palmisano and Keith Floyd have been the creative masterminds of the technical team and have led the charge for many years on the complex production.

This year, BC Video Services had the opportunity to support them in designing and executing the highly anticipated 2023 Caesars Entertainment New Years Eve party.

Brian Crow was invited to the team in order to help them bring their latest creative vision to life, by adding his extensive knowledge and experience of media server technology to the mix. The collaboration led to the PIXERA system becoming the obvious choice for driving the biggest LED display the prestigious event had ever seen.

In addition to multiple PIXERA server licenses, the final setup also involved 6x Barco E2 presentation systems and 15x Novastar MCTRL4K LED processors, that were used in conjunction with Unilumin LED displays.

“I love PIXERA for its reliability, adaptability and the intuitiveness of the GUI.  It allows me to make changes quickly and visualize what the final product will look like. The ability to render the workspace really helps get the client excited too, so they can see their vision before we get to the show site. These were all key factors in bringing PIXERA to the table this year. All in all we were driving close to 75 million pixels for the NYE party at Caesars palace and created some audio-visual magic for the guests, who definitely enjoyed themselves.”, explains Crow.

The synched video content was played out across a total of 15 outputs, with different resolutions seamlessly creating a highly impressive and atmospheric LED panorama.

“The party was a huge success and I can’t wait for PIXERA 2.0 to be released later this year in order to be able to unleash even more creative power!”, remarks Crow.

Equipment details:

  • 2x PIXERA director licenses
  • 4x PIXERA 8-output server licenses
  • 4x Custom build 8-output PIXERA media servers
  • 6x Barco E2
  • 15x Novastar MCTRL4K LED processors

Unilumin 2.6mm:

  • Center wall at 9408x2112 (20m) 3 ouputs @3840x2160
  • Stage left main   4992x2112 (11m) 2 outs
  • Stage right main 4992x2112 (11m) 2 outs
  • DJ booth at 2496x576 (1.5m) 1 out
  • Stage skirt at 7104x576 (4m) 1 out
  • Entrance wall 2880x1344 (4m) 1 out
  • Foyer walls at 2880x1344 (4m) 1 out

Unilumin 3.9 mm:

  • HL side walls 5888x1408 (8.3m) 2 outs
  • HR side walls at 5888x1408 (8.3m) 2 outs


  • PIXERA programmer and engineering design: Brian Crow
  • Media distribution: Brad Braun
  • Client: Caesars Entertainment
  • Show: Caesars Entertainment NYE party 2023
  • Location Caesars Palace, Las Vegas NV.
  • Technical Director: Keith Floyd
  • Producer: Julie Palmisano

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qC597WX0V8A
Video shoot and editing: Sean Galloway

Photo credits:

  • 01 and 02: BC Video Services
  • 03: Sean Galloway

Links: bcvideoservices.com