Media Control

for themed attractions and conference rooms.

Media control systems visualize sophisticated technology to make it easily control and managable. The user interface can either be touchpanels or input panels and it is even possible to access the system via the internet using smartphones or tablets.



There are many control solutions out there - where is the benefit of AV Stumpfl control systems?

Scalable solution

ranging from compact mini-controllers...

There is no need for a PC to run all time in AV Stumpfl's media control solutions. Instead our leightweight solid state devices IOBox can be used. These devices feature different physical inputs and outputs as well as an integrated webserver for hosting HTML5 user interfaces. All configuration data is stored on a removable SD card which can be easily replaced to another device. powerful all-in-one solutions.

By adding further IOBox-Modules the control network can be scaled. If more complex visualisation tasks, multimedia contents and/or realtime timelines are needed larger controllers such as our Avio Master or our media servers can be used instead or in addition.

Clever System Architecture

All data available anywhere and anytime.

Have you ever faced the challenge to control devices from multiple touchpanels at the same time? Was it difficult to keep all system states up to date on all touchpanels? We have reviewed all the typical challenges of creating control systems and developed an entirely new system architecture where all data and all information is accessible from anywhere within the control network.

Intuitive Workflow

The main idea behind our new approach is to bring all devices to a unified communication layer. Every device is publishing its communication ports and functions within the control network. Finally the control system is brought to life by “wiring” (graphically connecting) these ports with each other. For example you draw a line between the button of a touchpanel and the on/off function of a projector. Done!

Open System Design

Of course it is possible to include third party systems and protocols into our control system. Possibilities range from simple infrared emitters to seamless integration of KNX building bus functions. You would like to record any data points over time, import weather data or calculate the current angle of the sun to find the optimum blinds position? All that and more is possible thanks to our integrated Lua scripting engine. A variety of built-in scripts are available ready to use.

Control from Everywhere

The control network can be accessed from everywhere using touchpanels, smartphones, tablets, laptops or office computers with any operating system thanks to HTML5 based web technology and built-in webservers.