HD and 4K Ready Projection Screens

Are you wondering if AV Stumpfl projection screens are ready to reflect HD and 4K images properly? Everybody sees digital projectors getting higher resolutions and becoming brighter therefore it is self-evident to wonder if the projection surfaces used will remain compatible with this new technology. Here is some background information on this topic:

Does a projection screen has an influence on the image quality when projecting high resolution content?

In fact selecting the right projection screen and the right surface material plays a major role. A projection screen makes the light rays emitted from a projector visible. If some of the light is absorbed or reflected into the wrong direction then the image quality decreases. If light at different wavelengths (red, green, blue) is reflected and absorbed with different characteristics each then this is another reason for decreasing image quality.

Why is a smooth screen not perfect?

With this in mind it might be obivous that the best image quality is achieved with a completely flat surface. This is true to some extent however a completely smooth surface appears glossy not just without a projection but especially if light is thrown onto it. This is the reason why we need a perfect projection surface to be as mat as possible. And to make it mat projection screen manufacturers use slight embossing on their surfaces.

Are AV Stumpfl screen surfaces HD and 4K compatible?

Yes they are of course. For us as an engineering and manufacturing company it is clear that we will constantly further develop our products based on market requirements. We see no need to use this as a marketing gag.

Woven surfaces are causing problems?

Especially surfaces for roll up projection screens are often based on woven glass fibre mats to ensure its lateral stability. Glass fibres are virtually inelastic and can ensure similar characteristics over a very long lifetime. To hide the web pattern the basic web is usually coated since projection surfaces with a visible woven surface may cause moirée patterns to appear.

The following products are HD and 4K compatible or are available with HD and 4K compatible surfaces: