Blinds and sun shades control via smartphone and tablet


Large windows and glass walls become more and more poular. To avoid thermal issues related to the greenhouse effect it is neccessary to block incoming sunlight with blinds. To control the large number of different blinds typically a lot of switches and or sophisticated remote controls are used. We have another solution.


Blinds Control

Simple and intuitive using smartphone or tablet.

Since virtually everybody is carrying a smart device these days it is self-evident to use these devices as user interfaces. The custom layout of the user interfaces is designed using our free editing software Wings Touch.

Compact mini control units

All-in-one hardware with switching outputs

There is no need for a PC or server to run all time since our tiny IObox series devices include all you need: The HTML5 user interfaces are transfered onto these devices and control the physical switching outputs. The user interface ist hosted on a built-in webserver and can be accessed from everywhere. All data is stored on a SD card inside the IObox device.


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Scalable solution

The system can be individually scaled and extended with other control and visualization features. For example it is possible to import an existing KNX configuration and link all data points with controls of the hosted user interface. Without programming skills required.

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Media control included

The same way it is possible to control AV equipment such as projectors, displays, Blu-Ray players, media servers and many more via ethernet, RS232 or IR.

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