AI and Logic with Lua Scripting

Advanced control and logic programming.

Have you ever realized an intelligent attraction which is able to remember and share visitor names, use logical functions, run timelines and cue lists in parallel? You would like this to be easily programmable and intuitively managable? Our control network avio features an embedded scripting host with virtually unlimited functionality, realtime debugging, script creation wizards and step by step tutorials.

Solid but simple base

Our scripting host is based on a standard open source programming language named Lua. This helps us to utilize tons of already implemented functions from existing scripts. These ready to use functions include: Mathematics, logic, network, file operations, socket communication plus many more. We also ship a variety of ready to use scripts with each software installation plus offer additional scripts for download.

Simplified beginning

For beginners to script programming we do offer a built in wizard (as part of our software Avio Manager 2)which helps defining the inputs, outputs and function outlines of the script.

Realtime debugging

Avio Manager 2, our visual „wiring“ tool for AV installations offers all neccessary functions to developing and embedding scripts in AV control solutions. To make script development more comfortable we also include a full blown IDE (=integrated development environment) which comes with syntax highlighting, single step debugging, stack tracing and variable value display.

Straight forward use of the scripts

Of course developing the actual script code itself requires some sort of programming skills. However the use of the finished scripts follows the same visual non-programming workflow known from the regular Avio configuration: The scripts show up as nodes in the Avio network offering inputs and outputs which can be visually linked with other nodes of the Avio network such as hardware interfaces or other software ports.

Embedded everywhere

Not just our full blown media servers even our smallest solid state controllers IObox can be used as scripting hosts.