Wasserschloss Parz

Fascade projection

As the climax of an exclusive event for a few chosen partners, AV Stumpfl has realized an impressive projection onto the facade of Wasserschloss Parz, a moated castle near Grieskirchen in Upper Austria.

The original plan of the historic building was digitalised to form the basis for the creation of the content. The show, which was designed for the event, tells the story of projection. The producer, Andreas Scheucher, has been dealing intensively with the history of projection and has summarized this knowledge inter alia in a book entitled "Die Macht der großen Bilder" ("The Power of Large Images").

The façade of the castle literally lent itself to the projection solution as the building was completely renovated only recently and is now shining in new splendour. In the arcades of the Landschloss Parz, which faces the moated castle, two high-lumen Panasonic PT-DZ12000 projectors have been installed in Publitec Pegasus flight frames. The projection was recorded using a uEye network camera and automatically adapted to the facade using Wings VISIO. The former often time-consuming setting up of the projection system (perspective, geometry, soft-edge overlap,…) has become child’s play thanks to Wings VIOSO. The camera-based technology enables a perfect projection result, even on such unusual surfaces, in just a few minutes.

The show was produced using Wings VIOSO in a native resolution of 3526x1200. In addition to high resolution photos, red one 4k videos were also incorporated directly in full quality into Wings VISIO. The content was played back using a Stumpfl SC Media Engine. The special effects lighting by way of LED sources was directly synchronized in the Wings VISIO timeline via a USB DMX module.

The result was a unique show in a festive atmosphere which left a lasting impression on all the guests.

Technical realizing: AV Stumpfl GmbH

Content of the Projection: Visionas Mediendesign | www.visionas.com