Vienna’s Burgtheater is probably the most prestigious theatre in the German speaking world.
Starting in September 2009 all the venues of Vienna’s Burgtheater were equipped with Wings Platinum 4 by Fuess Audiovision.
Fuess Audiovision was entrusted with the entire project planning, on-site training and support. The project began in September 2009 by training the employees in the Multimedia Department. All productions were supervised and a back-up concept was also prepared. Again and again special requirements are solved together with the Burgtheater’s Multimedia Department. Moreover, external video designers were also trained and supervised during rehearsals.

Realised by: FÜSS-Audiovision

Oscar Wilde’s ‹Dorian Gray›

Venue Vestibül:
The ever-popular Victorian “Picture of Dorian Gray” is tailor-made for our times: the cult of eternal youth could hardly be portrayed better, our Botox-tautened faces could not be better reflected than in the polished surface of this linguistic masterpiece.
An incredibly amazing projection which director Sebastian Kraft implemented with his video team of Michael Schüller, Peter Baur and Alexander Richter.

Technology: Media servers with Wings Platinum 4 Pro and live video,
Venue Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz

‹War and Peace›

Extracts from Volume One by Leo Tolstoy
Inspired by Tolstoy’s powerful epic novel Matthias Hartmann and his actors use the theatre as a realm of new awareness and invite the audience to take part in this exciting process.

Video design: Reza Tavakoli
Technology: Soft edge panorama projection with excessive use of live video