Theater Frankfurt

Theater installation

The Schauspielhaus in Frankfurt uses Wings VIOSO and Stumpfl’s SC Media Engine servers in the current productions of "CITY OF GLASS" and "ALICE IN WONDERLAND".

CITY OF GLASS by Paul Auster. Director: Bettina Bruinier. Designer: Markus Karner. Costumes: Justina Klimczyk. Photography: Sebastian Hoppe. Starring: Sébastien Jacobi. A production by Schauspiel Frankfurt, season 2009/2010.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND based on the work of Lewis Carroll. Director and Designer: Philipp Preuss. Costumes: Katharina Tasch. Photography: Alexander Paul Englert. Starring Kornelius Heidebrecht and Valery Tscheplanowa. A production by Schauspiel Frankfurt, season 2009/2010