Deutsches Theater Berlin

The experienced video department at one of Germany’s best-known theatres has been working successfully with Wings Platinum for several years.

This theater is very eager to try out new things when dealing with the new medium of video, which is slowly establishing itself as an integral part of drama.  This means that technology is faced with new tasks and challenges each time, as the ideas are often unconventional, which is so often the case in modern drama. Here, ambitious technicians require a talent for improvisation and creativity, which is easily accommodated by the flexibility and real-time capability of Wings Platinum.  Until Wings Platinum was used, DVDs had to be burnt before each rehearsal making changes during rehearsals virtually impossible. Now the video files are dragged and dropped directly into the timeline and can be adapted quickly to new situations.

A special feature of this theatre is the curved horizon which is frequently used for projections. Soft edging and warping are indispensible on a projection surface of this nature in order to project an undistorted image. Like all other disciplines, the video has to fulfil the expectations both of the audience and of the artistic director.