Steinwelten at the Centre of Granite in the Bavarian Forest

Right in the centre of Steinwelten („world of stones“) the visitor finds a fascinating projection onto a massive piece of excavated granite rock. Here you follow the granite back through the ages of earth to find out how it got there. Two Canon XEED WUX400ST projectors are making the projection possible together with a wings engine media server with dual output who serves for the playback.

AVIO controls the DMX light and the KNX bus for the electrical system. Using a touch interface the whole functionality and operating states can be controlled easily.

There are three stations with self-activating content. The playback comes from FHD players which are all synchronised through the master slave mode. The content also depends and reacts to the main content played through the AVIO network.

Thin slices of stone are shown through two back projections with Optoma short distance projectors in a walk-in caleidoscope that leads the visitor through the history of earth.

An interactive elevator ride back to the „earth’s surface“, takes the visitor back to reality (in this case: the rest of the exhibtition) – the elevator consisting of a vibrating plate controlled by a SC Master and two displays with playback coming from two synchronised FHD players

Project Steinwelten at the Granitzentrum Bayrischer Wald
Concept, Script & Director: Theorie & Praxis - Dr. Winfried Helm
Imageproduction & Cut: Dionys Asenkerschbaumer
3D-Animation: Christian Michel
Sounddesign: Audiomax-Tonstudio - Maximilian Maier Technische
Realisation: HORNCOLOR Multimedia GmbH - Christian Horn

Devices used:
2x Canon XEED WUX 400ST
10x FHD-Player
1x Wings Engine
Avio Service
SC Master