Water installation

Jordan's Furniture, the furniture manufacturer, has created a breathtaking media spectacle in its new store rooms that turns shopping for furniture into an exciting experience. "Splash" is a water installation which features more than 9000 nozzles, light effects, laser and projections onto a water curtain.

A projection of the company's owner Eliot Tatleman welcomes up to 200 guests at the beginning of the show and during the entire time the shop is open. In the following 12 minutes there is ample opportunity for the audience to marvel at the perfect choreography of water, video, light and music.

Kevin A Zevchik of Zanim8tion implemented this spectacle using technology by AV Stumpfl. Wings Platinum serves as the central control unit coordinating all signals (video, DMX, analog voltage signals and switching contacts) with each other. Despite the complex programming the shop assistants can choose and start the shows intuitively via an ISEO wall panel.