Emotion Media Factory Laserland (EMF) completes Europe’s largest floating fountain system in the Ukranian city of Vinnitsa for the Roshen Confectionery Group.

Roshen Confectionery, the multinational confectionery manufacturer, has given the inhabitants of the city of Vinnitsa an amazing amusement - Europe’s largest floating multimedia fountain system. Since the beginning of September the citizens of Vinnitsa have been able to stare in astonishment daily at the extraordinary fountains of the multimedia fountain system at Pivdenny Buh Quay on a branch of the River Bug.

Within a very short space of time this fascinating spectacle has become known beyond the borders of the Ukraine and attracts over 20,000 visitors to the city each week. Each evening a 25-minute-long thrilling story is told featuring water, music, laser, light and colours. It claims to be a show for young and old which can be understood without language and which arouses the feelings of the spectators.

Coloured fountains of water spout up to 70 m up into the sky. A 50 m wide and 18 m high screen of water acts as the projection surface for the story which has been composed and produced by EMF. High performance video systems project seemingly three-dimensional images in brilliant colours onto the water screen with a power of 30,000 A-L.

EMF Laserland realized the entire project from the initial sketches to planning, concept, delivery, installation, show production and start-up in just nine months. The synchronisation and programming of the controls of the complex water jets as well as light, laser, multichannel sound and soft edge projection were carried out using two media engines and Wings Platinum. The different shows can be started by staff using the easy-to-handle ISEO surface of a touch panel. 

Realized by: EMF Laserland