Since its introduction towards the end of 2015, AV Stumpfl’s Wings Engine RAW media servers have become a household name in the world of high-end automotive brand presentations.

Whether at the Paris Motor Show, the Geneva International Motor Show or at Germany’s IAA, more and more world famous car manufacturers trust the performance power and reliability of RAW media servers when presenting their latest automotive designs.

The secret of the increasing popularity of RAW servers is to be found in the growing importance of uncompressed playback.

The latest generation of content creation tools enables designers to unleash their creativity in ever more grandiose ways, which is why both car manufacturers and the content designers working for them insist on finding the best possible solution for displaying their visual masterpieces.

Uncompressed playback is the best way of ensuring maximum image quality.

RAW servers are the only media servers of their kind that can display 4 uncompressed 4K data streams at 60fps simultaneously (4:4:4).

The most powerful RAW version can also handle 8192x4320 content, which we call RAW8K. Another aspect worth highlighting in this context is the ability to go beyond 8-bit colour depth.

Investing in the latest generation of LED displays only makes true sense when one uses equally uncompromising hardware and software on the signal processing side.

With Wings Engine RAW technology, uncompressed 8K, HDR, 120fps or 10-bit colour depth content can be employed for the realisation of truly unforgettable audio-visual experiences.

For the automotive industry, uncompromising image quality is of utmost importance.

At this year’s IAA in Frankfurt, AV Stumpfl customers used a total of 35 RAW servers to present some of the world’s most important automotive innovations.