Australian Dance Theater

Australia's most internationally renowned dance company Australian Dance Theatre presents its latest work, Proximity.

Liberating the body from our everyday understanding of physics, Proximity is an immersive visual experience where the miniscule becomes massive, the singular becomes multiple and fleeting moments are suspended and elongated.

Wings Platinum is used extensively in this production and mainly operates as a show controller. It is used to playback the soundtracks for the show as well as the Midi commands to trigger lighting and video cues. Furthermore even the dancers themselves get their cue to enter the stage from the Visual Cue Light System programmed in Wings by the technical staff from Paul Cowley the Tour Manager and Technical Director of the show. This is an elementary feature for the show because the dancers are not able to see the stage due to the stage design.

The result is a stunning visual experience that liberates the dancer’s bodies from the audience’s everyday understanding of physics, upending the very nature of perception itself, and questioning our ideas of selfhood and identity.

Furthermore they used 3 AV Stumpfl RP screens which they had modified to work in portrait mode.

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