Play Me

Opera Chemnitz

Only twelve rehearsal days with technical facilities - a real challenge for the video team of the Chemnitz Opera who were responsible for staging the German premiere of the musical "Playme". The demands of the production were very high. Casting shows, youth culture and web 2.0 are the central themes of this opera and the production is therefore based on the dramaturgical connection between the real world and the virtual rooms of computer games. 6 projectors were used to play videos on the entire stage including portal and side stages. They support the stage setting by making it more lively on the one hand, while the projection creates entirely new and abstract rooms on the other.

Due to the tight time schedule rehearsals had to be organized very efficiently. Projector stacking was carried out automatically by means of camera-based Vioso calibration. Two synced AV Stumpfl media servers supplied the video sequences and the 12-channel audio. The flexibility of Wings Vioso allowed a major part of editing and compositing to be carried out during the rehearsals. The results became immediately visible on stage and any further modifications could be added right away. Such a short production and rehearsal period just would not have been possible with conventionally finished and rendered videos.

Numerous videos, audio samples and sounds on a total of 120 tracks were played from ten timelines during this 2 1/2-hour production. Audience and press were full of enthusiasm for this sophisticated production.

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