Pioneers Festival

Pioneers Festival

The Austrian companies Mediapparat and Concept Solutions have been responsible for the technical AV and contextual realisation of the 2014 pioneers festival in the prestigious Hofburg, Vienna. Through the years, since 2009 the festival has become a regular happening melting pot for tech startups and by now took place for the sixth time in Vienna.

With 3000 attendees consisting out of international exhibitors, startups, and many more interested people the festival has become one of the technology highlights of the year. There have been plenty of product premieres from different internationally operating startups knowing to excite the audience with their sophisticated and innovative products.

Besides the exhibition areas there have been three major stages using high end lighting, video and audio equipment and Wings Engine Media Servers.  Six Wings Engine Stage Quad fed and controlled six projectors, an 8x2 display matrix, a LED wall and a high end robotic arm.

Two Wings Engine Stage, responsible for delivering the contents displayed on the six projector main stage were controlled from a GrandMa 2 lightnings desk using dmx interface.

The main stage designer integrated a Fullwhite projection screen as new and innovative projection element. Together with all the involved parties we are very happy and glad that we could do this successful event together.